Willa Yi

I'll be waiting patiently for you on my SWAG Live profile page; I'm on the hunt for a loyal companion. I strive to be the carefree and flirty girlfriend you love throughout the day. However, as the sun goes down, I become a feral cat, prepared to let my fire and desire shine. Assuming you do not love me, I implore you not to hurt me. I humbly want your undivided attention and love. Despite my seeming insecurity, I bloom and open out like a flower in bloom when I'm with the proper people. My weakness is reading encouraging comments; I get a rush from them. Because I have a private life and a variety of interests, it's hard for me to keep secrets from the people I care about. I long for your arrival if you are prepared to go into the recesses of my being. I like being mischievous, but before you make any inappropriate suggestions, please get to know me better.

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