Lana Leon

In addition to having a large number of tattoos and piercings, including nipple piercings, I am a Leo who is easygoing and adventurous. When it comes to sexual activity in the bedroom, I prefer kinky, adventurous sex and like to vary things up, whether I am taking the initiative or following your suggestions. My outlook on life is to experience everything to the fullest and to seize any chance that comes your way. When a person begins to take control of a situation, demonstrating a combination of authority and playfulness, I just adore it. The folks who excite me the most are those who are dominant and have a great sense of adventure. In light of the fact that I believe myself to be quite kinky, I am constantly willing to take on new challenges. One thing that I have never done, but one that I have always wanted to do, is to have a passionate encounter while blindfolded in a situation that is unknown. Although I am attracted to a man who is not afraid to take charge and who is not scared to tell me what to do, I am equally fascinated by someone who is able to reverse positions. The fantasy that I enjoy the most is one that combines elements of power play and sensory deprivation, with the addition of elements of suspense and surprise to enhance the overall experience. My preference is for it to be rough and sensual, and if I'm tied up, that's even better!

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