Dakota Wills

Because I am a very twisted girl who wants to make you feel so much pleasure that you will be completely in love, captured in my claws, and you will be mine and I alone, I am a sweet girl who is also quite perverted. If you assume that I may be a very gentle girl, then you are mistaken. I am a really perverted girl. Yours to have. I want you to kiss my neck and feel your hands on my body to the point where they are twisted but also lovely. Your hands allow me to experience a great deal of pleasure, and I am never content with them. Indulging in a slow and passionate dance, moving to the rhythm of its quickened heartbeats, and experiencing the sensation that we are a great match for each other is something that I deeply like doing. When I am in bed, I am both delicate and wild at the same moment. I am really intense and brimming with passion.

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